Casa Museo

Casa Museo


In 2020, during the Covid pandemic, Jon and Julie bought an old church building in Monterey, only a block away from the world famous Monterey Bay Aquarium.  Plans are in the works to redevelop the property into a very unique natural history museum, gallery, and boutique motel called Casa Museo – The museum you can live in!


The idea for Casa Museo (Spanish phrase meaning “Museum House”) grew out a shared love of natural history and our experience bringing the splendors of the Earth to people of all ages.  Jon and Julie both worked for museums and they also owned a museum exhibits company for many years.  It is this extensive professional history that guides the design of the interiors of each room.



Central to the theme of the project is the free Natural History museum which will focus on geology and paleontology.  Interesting and educational exhibits will be featured throughout and will rotate to new ones on a regular basis.  Every item has a story to tell and that story is easily accessed via a small QR code.


Boutique Motel 

Perhaps the most memorable aspect of this ambitious project is the 4 overnight lodging units, all of which will be decorated in natural history themes.  Every room will be filled with fossils, minerals, and gems.  The bedrooms and sitting areas will be stocked with books.  Natural history art will adorn the walls.  The experience will be akin to “A Night at the Museum” – highly educational but also great fun.


Redevelopment is in process.

It takes time but we plan to be open in the next couple years.


Pacific GeoLab and Casa Museo will feature a Geologic Garden outside the building.  The Garden will be landscaped with unique and interesting rocks and boulders from across the continent that tell of important events in the geologic history of North America.   Some of these are shown here.